Two More

Teeth. On the top, one on either side of the two front teeth already there. Poor kid. At least he is still older in months than the number of teeth he will have!

And if that’s not enough going on, he went from doing a major push-up on his arms late last week to comfortably getting and staying on his knees and rocking in the last day or two. He’s not really going anywhere but if conditions are right, like our slippery wood floor, he can go backwards pretty well. I’m not sure who is more alarmed–us or the cats.


2 thoughts on “Two More

  1. Erika is right!! Remember, I mentioned something like a huge cage, I’m not sure what it is made off, anyway it is huge that you can enter it and do diaper-changing and he can run around it and you don’t have to worry where he will be.

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