Slow Down, Big Fella

In two weeks’ time, Maxon went from being an unstable sitter, doing helicopters on his belly, getting up on all fours and sliding backwards to finally figuring out the Next Big Thing: crawling! This has seriously changed the rules of the game. And, of course, we haven’t really babyproofed anything yet. Apparently, we have wasted our money on educational toys as Maxon would much rather go for my flip flops, the trash can (and promptly empty the contents) and the cords of all small home appliances. He’s not just satisfied with crawling either–he pulls himself up as often as he can. Talk about unstable!

Everything on this shelf is breakable and precariously placed. Looks like fun!

We also attempted to get Maxon to feed himself. I cut up a fresh banana in teeny-tiny pieces and dropped it on his high-chair tray where he immediately went to work spreading it out. No interest in putting it in his mouth though. However, if I picked one up he knew enough to open his mouth for it. I then placed individual pieces on his fingers and one would actually make it in from time to time. Of course, if it was anything else, be it a piece of mail or a leaf pulled from a tree, it would automatically be brought to his mouth. Discerning young fellow, this one.


One thought on “Slow Down, Big Fella

  1. I see that life is getting exciting for all of you especially for my gorgeous grandson!! Just keep on putting food on his tray he is so smart he’ll figure out if it taste yummy, it must be food.

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