Martha Stewart, I Am Not

So I decided to try making my own baby food at least once, beyond just unpeeling a banana or cutting open an avocado. Clearly, this was during one of those grocery shopping trips where I had left the house hungry AND thought I had spare time. Plus, a lot of the fear I had in preparing uber-sanitary food went away when I realized that Maxon enjoyed the taste of rocks. grass and car keys. I went with some easy hits like butternut squash, sweet potato, and carrots. Yes, be prepared for Maxon to have an orange tint in upcoming pictures! The prep and the cooking was easy-peasy. Really what was all the fuss about? But then came the scooping. And the mashing (is that still too stringy?). And the measuring (the portions got bigger at each consecutive serving). And the storing (finally found a purpose to those leftover pumping bags!). And then the dishes! All in all, it really was kind of fun and I like knowing where the food came from and I’m not ruling out doing it again. Of course, I’m counting on Maxon being able to properly chew his food soon so I can start giving him the real stuff from our plates!

It’s a good thing.

4 thoughts on “Martha Stewart, I Am Not

  1. You need a food processor. And here’s a little trick: I take a head of broccoli, a handful of green beans and a couple carrots (peeled), steam them for ten minutes, then put it in the food processor. It only takes a minute to mush everything up. And here’s the genius part: I add a couple cups of it to my spaghetti sauce. Malina has no idea it’s in there…neither does Daddy. So, the whole family is eating just “that” much more veggies.

  2. Try adding peas and beets (yes beets) to your sauce as well – my husband hates the idea of “hiding”vegetables, but loved when I “hid” those

  3. I’m a big fan of throwing in extra veggies in a spaghetti sauce but never thought of actually mushing them into a paste. I like that idea!

    I ended up having to use my stick blender on the final product before Maxon could manage it. I guess he wasn’t quite ready for *that* much texture!

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