Reminders From Your Fur Sisters

– We stay off your high chair, you stay out of our bowls.

– While we’re talking about food, anything that hits the floor is fair game.

– Just so you know, we both tried out all of “your” stuff before you even got here.

– Sure, going up the stairs is great fun but just try coming down. We have friends that tried it with trees and it was not cool.

– Be persistent. They always crack, especially if you look them straight in the eye.

– We’ll gladly share our toys but we’re not going to tell you where it’s been.

– You’re cute so you may stay. But we’re keeping our eyes on you!

One thought on “Reminders From Your Fur Sisters

  1. do they have rules about tails? let the games begin! (although, oreo and molly were very good about distinguishing between obnoxious adults and “can’t-help-themselves-they-are-too-little-to-know-i-am-a-fierce-animal” little kids

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