Maxon has really got the concept of “peekaboo” down. I don’t even remember actively pushing it on him but he knows what to do if I ask “wherrrrre’s Maxon?”. Up go the hands and whatever he has in them, whether it be his blanket, pilfered pieces of clothing, or a sippy cup, somewhat effectively hide his face. And he understands the concept of anticipation too. I sometimes have to ask repeatedly where he is and sometimes he’ll just giggle and wait a few more seconds before dropping his hands, showcasing a wide toothy smile (7 teeth! 7, I said!) And then there are times where he will start the game himself and if Mommy or Daddy haven’t caught on, he’ll make a small noise, as if it’s his version of “ahem”. Although, player beware–the game could go on forever!

Wherrrrrre's Maxon?

Wait for it…

There he is!

Maxon isn’t the only one that has picked up on peekaboo. The cats, who are mostly invisible for much of the day and venture back out in the evening when their little brother is safely confined in his crib asleep, have gotten wise to the fact that Maxon is a very messy and inefficient finger food eater. Cheerios and rice puffs are nothing to get excited about anymore but they have gotten more cheese and other savory niblets than ever before. So, wherrrrre are the kittens? Under Maxon’s highchair.

It seems that I have also been playing this game, although not with the productive results Maxon and the cats see. For instance, my pre-baby body is still playing peekaboo. I have tried to be very patient and I do think I’ve come very close in finding it every once in a while. Sometimes I swear I hear a giggle while it’s still out of sight. Apparently, that game is still a-foot. But more importantly, it seems I often misplace my attention span. I know I can blame our epic journey of parenthood from the past 9 months that has left me in constant state of sleep-deprivation and fatigue but, at some point, I’ll just have to buck up and reset the energy meter because we are on an express train and there are very few stops from here. I want to be able to talk about what I’m up to without it really just being about Maxon. I want to remember to ask what the other person is up to and truly listen to the answer. I want to feel like taking on other activities, beyond the bare minimum of getting through the week, is doable and desirable. Wherrrrre’s Melanie? She’ll be back soon, in some shape or form.

2 thoughts on “Peekaboo

  1. Maxon playing peekaboo? I can’t think of anything cuter. Can’t wait to play with him … and I’m okay with it going on forever.

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