We went to Maxon’s 9-month well-baby appointment and all is looking well. The doctor marveled at how engaged, social, and happy he was and swore that Maxon was “talking”, albeit still very much in gibberish form. We tried to get the doctor to tell us the secret in having Maxon sleep in past 5:30am but all we got was an unsympathetic laugh. I want my co-pay back.

Our boy is built like a lollipop. His stats:
Height: 29.25 inches tall – 75th percentile
Head circumference: 18.25 inches around – 75th percentile
Weight: 16 lbs, 15 oz (probably would have hit 17lbs if we left the diaper on) – 4th percentile

We had a very shaky yet determined lab technician stick Maxon for a couple of blood tests. Both arms were checked for good veins with his right arm getting a thorough exploration with a needle and finally had to resort to drawing blood from his big toe, drop by drop. Maxon recovered from the exploration a few minutes after the ordeal and the toe thing didn’t seem to bother him much, aside from his being restrained in Mommy’s lap. Speaking of lollipops, I think Maxon deserves one.

2 thoughts on “Lollipop

  1. Maxon is very brave. The whole drawing blood thing took forever. The guy had to fill up 2 little tubes with blood from his foot one drop at a time. I can’t say it was the technicians fault though. Trying to find a vein on a baby looked absolutely impossible (even for Maxon who is good at everything). But he was amazingly patient. Babies are awesome.

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