The Latest Tricks

“Say hi!”
Okay, this one has been in circulation for a while but I just love it when he does it on his own in front of total strangers at the right time. Although, I guess it always seems to be the right time to say “hi” at any point in the conversation.

“All done!”
We’ve got the sign language down for this phrase but it seems to mostly happen in the middle of a meal. We’ll work on context later. If I would just accept his own brand of “all done” (little fists rubbing at his eyes), then perhaps I don’t need to push this one.

“Who’s on the phone?”
Maxon has always intently watched us on the phone and is obsessed with our cell phones. Not our old unused phones, mind you, but only the ones that are actually capable of making outgoing calls. I’ve put the phone up to his ear and he thinks it’s hilarious. Lately, I’ve seen him put the phone up to his ear himself. Well, maybe not quite to his ear but I see where he’s going with it. Of course, I’ve also seen him do it with various other toys too so perhaps we need another lesson in context.

“Where’s your tongue?”
He’s been randomly sticking his tongue out this week but I could never get him to do it on command so I wasn’t sure if he was doing it on purpose. We finally “got it” today!

Couch potato
He knows which remote belongs to the TV and there is no use in trying to give him a remote to nothing (we’ve tried). After picking up the remote and pushing some random buttons, he expectantly looks at the TV and waits for something good to happen. I find myself doing the same thing, little buddy.

Just Dance
When Maxon hears music, he’ll stop whatever he’s doing, stand up, and start “dancing”. Okay, maybe he’s just bouncing up and down but sometimes I see a little white man’s overbite in action.

Where do I sign up to become a stage mom?

Traveling Coast to Coast (and a little in between)

It’s been quite a month! This is the first weekend at home in quite a while. It all started with a weekend trip up to Aspen, which is my latest favorite place in Colorado. We arrived on a Friday evening and found out that our cute little hotel was just around the corner from quaint downtown area with all the shops and restaurants. The sleeping arrangements proved to be quite a challenge since our hotel room was pretty tiny and Maxon is still reluctant in going to sleep and staying asleep. After a disastrous night of “sleeping”, we officially started the day with breakfast at the hotel (they even had a highchair!) and then made our way out to the Maroon Bells for a little sightseeing. We came back to the room for a much-needed nap for all three of us and then went back out to visit the John Denver Sanctuary in town and then out to a Mexican restaurant for dinner. Maxon LOVES being around people and he spent much of the day waving to everyone he saw, when he wasn’t flinging food around, that is. The second night of sleeping went a little bit better, but only after we resigned to having him sleep between us in bed. Who knew Maxon was a bed hog? The next day Mike rode his bike out of Aspen and up and over Independence Pass, meeting up briefly with Maxon and me at the top. Unfortunately, it took us over 6 hours to get home due to weekend traffic out of the mountains.

Maroon Bells

The following weekend, under some very sad circumstances, Maxon and I flew out to Virginia to visit my family. This was the first time I had ever traveled with just me and Maxon and I was definitely apprehensive. I knew Maxon would be agreeable for the most part since he pretty much goes with the flow when we’re out and about but I was still nervous about getting both us of and all our belongings from place to place. I decided to wear Maxon and pull a single carry-on suitcase and hook the infant carseat over it, which Maxon technically still fit into with millimeters to spare. Not feeling the need to challenge myself anymore than necessary, I decided to get Maxon his own seat on the plane. Best decision ever! I had somewhere safe and secure to put him and I could have my hands free for the majority of the flight. He did get antsy on the flights but luckily he made up for it by flashing all our seatmates great big toothy smiles and vigorous waves. Getting around the airports were mostly hassle-free, except for having to change concourses in Minneapolis which I swear is the longest airport ever and I had the shortest layovers. We got there and back all in one piece and Maxon had a great time seeing the family.

Last weekend we were out in San Rafael outside San Francisco visiting Mike’s aunt Peggy and family. Flying seemed like child’s play with two sets of adult hands, no connections, and a flight under two hours. Maxon was much antsier though which was unfortunate since he did not have his own seat, which I will lobby never to happen again. We got to Peggy’s house and had dinner and celebrated cousin Matt’s birthday and then got Maxon settled in bed. We reluctantly woke up very, very early on Saturday morning (thanks Maxon!), had a lazy breakfast and long nap, headed out to Sonoma wine country and ended the afternoon by watching cousin Sophie’s soccer game nearby. The next day we got an early start again and headed out to Muir Woods for some hiking and then drove up to the top of Mount Tamalpais. On Monday, we took a ferry from San Rafael to San Francisco and met up with the Wise-Templetons for lunch at the Fisherman’s Wharf. From there we high-tailed it to the airport and narrowly missed getting on our flight back home.

Blueberries with Aunt Peggy

I didn't even notice the low-hanging branches

At the top of Mt Tam

On the ferry from San Rafael to San Francisco

Of course, on our way home from the airport Monday evening, having been out of pocket for so long, we had no idea of the catastrophe in progress just a few thousand feet to the west of our house. As we descended into Boulder from Us-36, we noticed that the foothills were aglow. Since everything was relatively dark all around, we had no idea how far or how close the blaze was. At first it seemed far north of town but as we approached our neighborhood, we seemed to be driving right into it. We got home and smelled absolutely no smoke but were very confused by what was going on. Apparently, the wildfire had broken out Monday morning and was whipped into a frenzy by high winds all day but luckily was a little northwest of our neighborhood. By morning, our neighborhood was covered in a smoky haze and it took the rest of the week before it got under control, but not before we were scared into reality on Thursday when we realized we were just a few blocks shy of a potential second evacuation area. We still have a small pile of important items gathered in a “staging area”.

And in the midst of all this, I seem to have developed pneumonia. A little cough started in Virginia and turned into a fever upon returning, and by California I was battling hives and a racking cough. A few days ago I broke down and went to the doctor where she gave me some antibiotics and an inhaler but yesterday I was inspired to go to urgent care as the cough was subsiding but the pain on the left side of my body increased. After repetitive questions and a chest-xray, the doctor prescribed much stronger antibiotics and some neat painkillers. I have been largely unimpressed by the medication but Mike thinks I have been too conservative. I’m willing to up the ante on the painkillers, hence writing this latest post now.

Never a dull moment around here!