The Latest Tricks

“Say hi!”
Okay, this one has been in circulation for a while but I just love it when he does it on his own in front of total strangers at the right time. Although, I guess it always seems to be the right time to say “hi” at any point in the conversation.

“All done!”
We’ve got the sign language down for this phrase but it seems to mostly happen in the middle of a meal. We’ll work on context later. If I would just accept his own brand of “all done” (little fists rubbing at his eyes), then perhaps I don’t need to push this one.

“Who’s on the phone?”
Maxon has always intently watched us on the phone and is obsessed with our cell phones. Not our old unused phones, mind you, but only the ones that are actually capable of making outgoing calls. I’ve put the phone up to his ear and he thinks it’s hilarious. Lately, I’ve seen him put the phone up to his ear himself. Well, maybe not quite to his ear but I see where he’s going with it. Of course, I’ve also seen him do it with various other toys too so perhaps we need another lesson in context.

“Where’s your tongue?”
He’s been randomly sticking his tongue out this week but I could never get him to do it on command so I wasn’t sure if he was doing it on purpose. We finally “got it” today!

Couch potato
He knows which remote belongs to the TV and there is no use in trying to give him a remote to nothing (we’ve tried). After picking up the remote and pushing some random buttons, he expectantly looks at the TV and waits for something good to happen. I find myself doing the same thing, little buddy.

Just Dance
When Maxon hears music, he’ll stop whatever he’s doing, stand up, and start “dancing”. Okay, maybe he’s just bouncing up and down but sometimes I see a little white man’s overbite in action.

Where do I sign up to become a stage mom?

4 thoughts on “The Latest Tricks

  1. Isn’t it funny that they know when you try to give them a fake? I mean – aren’t they all blackish gray rectangular thingys with buttons?
    And just wait until you are on the receiving end of Allison’s gonzo calling – she will find our cell phones, start scrolling through contacts and stop when she feels lucky. with the time zones, you could be surprised by a different young’un than maxon one morning……

  2. Oh yeah! I think I was first to see him dance when we were skyping last friday….. he was standing and when I said Maxon, dance! and he did! I was so elated. I was so totally ready to fly to Boulder, that’s the truth!!!! And with his hair cut a little bit shorter in the front…. he is so cuteeeee!

  3. Jess–Allison can call anytime. I purposely don’t bring my cell phone anywhere near the bed because we definitely don’t need any more opportunities for unwanted wake-up calls!

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