Buzz Words

Just a quick update on Maxon’s command of the English language:

– He definitely knows where his tongue is.

– He sometimes knows where his ears are, although he’s pretty good about showing you where YOUR ears are.

– He doesn’t care at all where his nose is.

– We’re still having context issues when he signs that he’s “all done” with eating, but if the answer is “yes” (as in, “would you like some Cheerios?”, he always answers back with a high-pitched giggle and a huge smile

– He can repeat “mama” back at me although it’s usually encapsulated by several more (“maam mama maam mamamamamama”)

– He says “dada” but it means even less

– If we ask him if he wants to go for a walk, he’ll quickly crawl to his push toy and hit the road, enormous grin on his face and sometimes accompanied by “oooooooh”

– In an effort to make the bee on his toy mailbox less scary as it buzzes when you bat at it, we’ve been excitedly saying “buzz! buzz! buzz!”. He almost always repeats back a muffled “bopz bopz bopz”. He also mimics back if you say “beep beep”, which comes out more like “bup bup”.

Totally unrelated picture. Check out the huge feet on this kid!

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