Getting My Hair Did

Maxon has had one haircut at home before just to get the hair out of his eyes and ears but we thought it was time for an official all-over cut (I am trying to avoid the bowl haircuts both Mike and I had growing up–no offense to the grandparents). Maxon’s stylist was able to accomplish more in 10 minutes than what had taken me all afternoon ambushing Maxon one snip at a time. While Lollilocks was a very cute, kid-centric place and Maxon had a great experience, for the price we paid, he might have to get the clippers next time. You can have your fancy salon cut when you’re making a name for yourself in elementary school, kid.

In the waiting area

What a good sport!

Indeed, he was a good sport, but he flashed the “all done” sign moments away from being finished and got a little riled up when he couldn’t get down, even though he was in a pretty cool ride. All was good once he was allowed to roam free and start messing with all the drawers nearby.


3 thoughts on “Getting My Hair Did

  1. the good thing is they got you started – I always have a tough time with the ears, and now that Scott takes the boys to the barber 😦 it is a lot easier for me to keep it up and follow the barber’s lead. Gosh, but Maxon is cute!! (and of course, bern noticed the shirt)
    The boys hoped he had fun!

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