The Whole Story

First and foremost, Maxon is fine. Still battling something, but far from the feverish misery of yesterday. It all started with a restless night’s sleep overnight on Thursday. After waking up for third hour in a row, we finally broke down and gave him some Tylenol. We secretly hoped that meant he would sleep in, but instead he woke up perky as ever at 6:15am and was normal for most of the day on Friday. As the evening wore on, he seemed to get a little more flushed and whiny so we decided to try some ibuprofen at bedtime. He had a much better night’s sleep but was raring to go at 5:40am. He even seemed energized enough to go to his swim class, although in hindsight that was probably not the best activity to engage in. He didn’t have as much fun in the pool that morning but was pretty excited afterward to run around the gym saying hi to all the gym rats. Again, as the day wore on, his perkiness seemed to deteriorate. We checked his temperature and he was at 102.7 degrees. We gave him a dose of Tylenol and crossed our fingers. Another check later in the afternoon showed him to be at 103.5 degrees. We put a call into his pediatrician’s after-hours number and waited to hear back with what we should do next. He got more and more clingy and flushed and I could just feel the heat emanating from him. Another temperature check showed him at 104.3 degrees and we started to get really concerned.

We heard back from the doctor and after some routine questions, we realized we had been giving him Tylenol dosages that were not enough for his current weight and we were never really effectively fighting his fever. She recommended we give him a dose of ibuprofen and head to the ER to make sure there wasn’t anything else going on. We pack a bag to prepare waiting in the ER for half the night and head out. Alas, this is not the show “ER” and we were the only ones there and skipped the waiting room and went right to the triage desk where we found out Maxon’s temperature had already dropped to 102 degrees.

It's just too cute not to take a picture

It's a bit drafty in here

We got settled into a room and waited to see the doctor. It was definitely the “kid” room, as it had a huge wall puzzle and a table full of books in the corner. In the meantime, a nurse doled out a big Tylenol dose in addition to the ibuprofen, which surprised us. Apparently, you can alternate the two medications within hours of each other safely. The doctor checked out Maxon’s ears, throat, and lungs and while everything looked okay, he wanted to investigate a rattle in Maxon’s lungs a little further and requested a chest x-ray.

How does a 1-year-old get x-rayed, you ask? Not very happily. He was placed sitting up against a board on a table and I had to pin his little arms back and try to keep him as still as possible. It was only for a few seconds but it felt much, much longer. The second shot was more pathetic. We rotated Maxon so his left side was against the board and I had to hold his little arms over his head. He cried the entire time but the second he was let loose, he was totally fine. He was a rock star.


This is a terrible idea

At the end of the day, the doctor didn’t see anything alarming. We were told how to manage his fever better and to call back if any new symptoms pop up or if any existing ones got worse. The nurse took Maxon’s temperature right before he left and he had not even a trace of a fever. Drugs are magical.

I had never been to the ER before for me or anyone else, so I thought it was a good exercise to get a relatively non-emergency episode under my belt. I hear these kids can get into some trouble from time to time so I’m fairly certain this will not be our last ER visit. But as cute as that gown was, I hope to not have to return where he has to wear that again!

6 thoughts on “The Whole Story

  1. Thank GOD he’s okay. That was really scary. May I suggest that you put extra shirt especially at night… he is all by himself in his crib and no warm body beside him or even during the day when you plan on taking him out. He’s been coughing and doesn’t seem to go away.

  2. that alternate ibuprofen and acetaminophen thing works well for grown-ups too! Our family doctor always ups the dosage from the “reccommended”….glad to hear all is well

  3. I’m so happy he’s feeling better. We’ve been through a 103 degree fever so I know what you went through. I can’t wait to see you, Mike and Maxon. (Maybe at Carrie’s wedding?)

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