Someone has been a bottomless pit the last few days. After weeks of turning down food and claiming to be “all done” after just a few bites of his favorite foods and months of being a strict vegetarian, his hunger switch has been turned on and he’s been asking for “more, more”. Three nights ago he accepted rice WITH shreds of chicken in it. The night before last he didn’t hesitate to jump into a new vegetable (spaghetti squash) and kept eating it. Finished all that we had doled out, even! And last night was the real glory. He had a plate of homemade taco meat with black beans, pasta, and avocado. Miracle #1: He went for the meat and beans first. Miracle #2: He finished every smidgen on his plate. Of course, there was some transfer between the partitions on his plate and the high chair tray but at the end of the meal, perhaps only one piece of pasta escaped his consumption. Have we finally gotten to a more exciting chapter in this food saga?

Doing his best Cindy Crawford impression after dinner

Growing boys need their exercise

I Know

Little pitchers have big ears and this little pitcher also likes to put things on repeat. It has come to my attention that when Maxon needs some consoling for a variety of reasons, I often say “I know that hurts” or “I know you want that”, etc. Nowadays, he’ll start whining or crying for something but then stop himself and say “I know!”. I’ll even hear it from the other room. The cutest thing is that it comes out so clearly, unlike some of his other “words”. He attempts to repeat almost everything he hears but unless you’re around him all the time, it might not sound like it. It really is amazing to watch him learn how to communicate by any means possible, and sometimes, every means possible. He says AND signs “water”, “milk”, “more”, and “all done”. We’re getting better about saying and not just signing “cheese” and “please”. He sometimes gets these mixed up if we ask him to repeat it. How’s that for grasping the spoken language?.

And with the weather we’ve been having lately, he has identified snow and water in almost all of its forms. Snowmelt along the street and icicles dripping onto the lawn get the water sign. Water is also in drinking glasses and our sports bottles. Even the sound of water is identified as such. Snow is always out the window (along with cars). And as of today, the white dot design on my shirt has been diagnosed as snow.

He has really responded to his music classes too! They do lots of different types of activities in class and he seems to be the only one that visibly “gets it”. Not only is there singing and playing with instruments, but he is still the only reliable dancer and will also repeat back certain tones and rhythms. At least once during the class, we’ll all hear the teacher sing “let’s all do what Maxon’s doing!” Some of the songs in the class are just simple tones like “ba ba ba-ba-ba” and he’ll try to imitate it. He’ll get the “ba” (again on repeat) but not the rhythm. If we’re in the car and I’m trying to distract him from the trappings of his car seat, I’ll sing a major triad (HA-he can learn about proper pitch later) and he’ll give it a whirl (“la la LA!”). Although, our go-to, cure-all song is still the “Itsy-Bitsy Spider”, complete with index fingers tapped together.

What he does NOT know is why he insists on teething the remaining teeth all at one time, the beauty of sleeping in and long naps, and why the cats are so darn skittish around him and his outstretched hands.

What will happen if Mommy continues to be in charge of teaching Maxon sports