Someone has been a bottomless pit the last few days. After weeks of turning down food and claiming to be “all done” after just a few bites of his favorite foods and months of being a strict vegetarian, his hunger switch has been turned on and he’s been asking for “more, more”. Three nights ago he accepted rice WITH shreds of chicken in it. The night before last he didn’t hesitate to jump into a new vegetable (spaghetti squash) and kept eating it. Finished all that we had doled out, even! And last night was the real glory. He had a plate of homemade taco meat with black beans, pasta, and avocado. Miracle #1: He went for the meat and beans first. Miracle #2: He finished every smidgen on his plate. Of course, there was some transfer between the partitions on his plate and the high chair tray but at the end of the meal, perhaps only one piece of pasta escaped his consumption. Have we finally gotten to a more exciting chapter in this food saga?

Doing his best Cindy Crawford impression after dinner

Growing boys need their exercise

4 thoughts on “Omnivore

  1. don’t get me wrong…it’s quite an accomplishment and you should be very proud that he’s eating well, but don’t be surprised if he goes back to eating practically nothing next week. and also don’t be surprised if he grows two inches in the next couple of weeks. with malina, i’ve noticed her eating habits are very up and down and usually coincide with growth spurts. i’ve learned to not get my hopes up when she finishes her meals including the veggies and to not worry myself sick when she eats practically nothing but raisins and waffles for a couple of weeks. btw…i think maxon looked more like madonna circa vogue 😉

  2. hey – has the dining room made an official transition to playroom? ( or as we like to call our playroom: “the whole house?”

  3. @Erika: Yep, yep–definitely know what you mean. I’m just thrilled he’s even trying meat–I don’t care how much he eats now!

    @Jess: Also yep, yep. We never ate in there anyways so now it’s in use full-time! We just don’t have that many “spare” rooms around here…

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