A Saturday Outing

Last Saturday after Maxon’s gym class, we decided to take a major detour home and check out the Buffalo Bill Museum and grave in Golden. I think a lot of the content was lost on Maxon (and me since I spent most of the time running after him) but it’s always fun to see something new!

*Sorry for the low-quality pictures–all I had was the camera on my phone.

All In a Day’s Work

Lately, our day have been starting at 7am, which is so much more civilized than the pre-dawn hours of not too long ago. It is also generally without the desperate screeching of a toddler that woke up too early and is pissed about it and is willing to bring down everyone else with him. It begins with intermittent sighs and builds to a crescendo of constant chatter, with the occasional “uh-oh!” and “no-no-no” (teddies being ceremoniously tossed from the crib) and “ba!” (the pictures of basketballs and footballs on the wall). When we finally enter his room, the sheer joy on his face and his outstretched arms are totally priceless. Of course, we are just a means to an end so as soon as we have him gathered in our arms, he wants DOWN and is off to find his favorite book of nursery rhymes. With tome in hand, he settles into our lap, backing up butt first, and turns to the page for Old McDonald and tells you “EI-EI-O”.

We try to fill the day with as much activity and interaction (kiddie AND adult) as we can stand. When at daycare, we are told he loves to help with the little babies on the other side of the classroom. On Saturdays, we’ve been going to the Little Gym, where kids around his age are led in some circle time and toddler gymnastics. Maxon can still be found wandering around IN circles instead of staying in the group circle but who can blame him when there’s so much fun equipment to climb on? He also loooooooves being outside, finding sticks and transferring rocks from one part of the yard or playground to the other, and with the longer days, we have some extra playtime before and after dinner.

With Piper ("Pie-pa") and Lucy ("Eesie")

And whether you call it growing intelligence or lack of spontaneity, Maxon recognizes who people are or where things should be. If we’re in the backyard, there is a good chance he’ll see our neighbor Pete (“Peeps!”). On the weekends, we’ll often have brunch with Lucy (“Eesie!”) and he knows that she sometimes plays just a few houses away at her grandparents during the week if we’re out walking. And whether we’re out with the stroller, on bike, in the car or on foot, he knows where we cross over the creek (“dah-doo!” [water], “bye-bye!”). If we’re pulling into the driveway and I say that we’re home, he knows to look for Daddy… and the tables are turned if it’s Daddy bringing him home to Mommy. Old diapers are “duh-tee” and go in the trash. Sometimes other non-“duh-tee” things go in the trash too so we need to stay vigilant.

Stopping by the creek after dinner

Once we are settled at home, we must-must-must dance to his music class CD. And it must-must-must be one track in particular. We’ve tried to mix things up a bit and start the CD on a different track and he just stands there in mid-bounce, waiting for something better to happen. And when that particular song comes on, the entire family must join in on instrumentals. If either Mommy or Daddy are not around at the moment, they are recruited from wherever they may be hiding out. He also knows which song comes next. It’s kind of freaky.

Finally, Maxon will usually tells us when he’s ready for bed. He’ll be dancing one moment and then standing by the gate to go upstairs the next. Lately, even with all his desperation to get upstairs and get in the bath, he’ll stay pretty wired until we finally we put him down and turn off the lights. Before as we were just struggling with his pajamas, he would be rubbing his eyes and pleading for milk. Now, he’d much rather read EIEIO first and will rub his eyes only at the suggestion of brushing his teeth and going night-night. And then I’ll be on the brink of declaring bedtime success as he gets tucked in with no complaints, but 30-40 minutes later he’s still rolling around his crib, chatting quietly to himself. And again, he’ll be chatting and singing EIEIO one moment and then zonked out in silence the next, and remain so until the next morning light.

And these are the days (and nights) of our lives. This week, anyways.

A Friday Adventure

We celebrated putting the worst of Maxon’s latest bug behind us by taking him in for a long-overdue haircut!

Total slacker. All he's missing is a skateboard.

Off to a good start

Lollipops are magical! Even the hairy ones.


Still working the lolly

Watching the ACC tournament

Self-portrait with Mommy!

At the Zoo

How big are you, Maxon? SOOOO big!

Trying to get a better view of the polar bear


Learning about camels

Camels with one hump = Dromedary. Two humps = Bactrian. And see, you learned something too!

If Daddy was more into Facebook, this should be the profile picture.

Wild geese. Wandering toddler. What could go wrong?

Who, me? I'm not harassing anybody!

Goose delivering the message to stay away. It sat in the middle of the path and did not budge until we walked away.

What Maxon REALLY thought about the day at the zoo

George and Chica

While Maxon has no shortage of real-life playmates, the world of friendship has been extended to those stuffed or on TV. It started quietly with practicing hugs and kisses on the Sock Monkey and his beloved Buffalo but newcomer Curious George (“Joooor!”) is the latest favorite. Aside from being loved on daily, George also gets his diaper changed (yet it rarely stays on for long), shares Maxon’s drink, and sometimes gets phone calls. They also watch the Sprout channel together, which brings about Maxon’s other new friend, Chica (“tjee-kah!”).

If you haven’t watched the Sprout channel, then you haven’t met Chica. Maxon knows how to turn on the TV in my office (any button will do, as it turns out) and every morning Chica is on in between the various shows. He only used to be interested in Chica but unfortunately he’s caught on to the other shows too so we’re going to have to keep on eye on the TV-watching in the days to come. I’m actually a big fan of Chica myself. She’s bright-eyed, has a hard time saying things correctly (there’s only so much you can squeak), and gets to dress up in various costumes. Oh, and she has no annoying song.

So as much as I may complain about the various quirks and troublemaking Maxon gets into, there’s been one thing that he has been absolutely fantastic about. Oh, he’ll pull every last little article of clothing from the pajama drawer (“mee-mees!”) but if you ask him to put it away or to clean up, everything goes back in. During music class after we’re done playing with the various instruments, he has no problem putting the back into the basket (“bye-bye!”), unlike some dependent little children in the class. Over the weekend, he got into my bag of cotton balls and freed them from their confines (“noh!” – snow) but after gritting my teeth both in annoyance and amusement, I told him it was time to clean up and away they went. I’ve given up trying to straighten up the tupperware cabinet every night but I’ll take all the help I can get.