George and Chica

While Maxon has no shortage of real-life playmates, the world of friendship has been extended to those stuffed or on TV. It started quietly with practicing hugs and kisses on the Sock Monkey and his beloved Buffalo but newcomer Curious George (“Joooor!”) is the latest favorite. Aside from being loved on daily, George also gets his diaper changed (yet it rarely stays on for long), shares Maxon’s drink, and sometimes gets phone calls. They also watch the Sprout channel together, which brings about Maxon’s other new friend, Chica (“tjee-kah!”).

If you haven’t watched the Sprout channel, then you haven’t met Chica. Maxon knows how to turn on the TV in my office (any button will do, as it turns out) and every morning Chica is on in between the various shows. He only used to be interested in Chica but unfortunately he’s caught on to the other shows too so we’re going to have to keep on eye on the TV-watching in the days to come. I’m actually a big fan of Chica myself. She’s bright-eyed, has a hard time saying things correctly (there’s only so much you can squeak), and gets to dress up in various costumes. Oh, and she has no annoying song.

So as much as I may complain about the various quirks and troublemaking Maxon gets into, there’s been one thing that he has been absolutely fantastic about. Oh, he’ll pull every last little article of clothing from the pajama drawer (“mee-mees!”) but if you ask him to put it away or to clean up, everything goes back in. During music class after we’re done playing with the various instruments, he has no problem putting the back into the basket (“bye-bye!”), unlike some dependent little children in the class. Over the weekend, he got into my bag of cotton balls and freed them from their confines (“noh!” – snow) but after gritting my teeth both in annoyance and amusement, I told him it was time to clean up and away they went. I’ve given up trying to straighten up the tupperware cabinet every night but I’ll take all the help I can get.

3 thoughts on “George and Chica

  1. ahhhh, memories…of a,b and z “rearranging” my cake mixes and cereal…they never were much for the tupperware drawer. What a cutie! We will be sending some spring stuff (you DO have spring in colorado?) soon for him. We love m cubed!

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