Me, Two

I think he knows what he is saying when he points to himself and says “me”. Well, more like “me-me-me”. I’m not sure how he was taught that or how to even validate it without it getting more confusing. Am I still me, or is he “me” and I’m now “you”? Who points to whom? Who knew it could get this complicated? Me-me-me also indicates that it’s his turn to do whatever it is you’re currently doing. I’m pretty sure this is the precursor to “mine”.

He is also tickled when he has the same thing in each hand. Two blankets! Two balls! Two crayons! He used to only count to one and now he can count to two. I’m so proud.

Bedtime story

A few cute things he’s picked up lately:

– Holding up his sippy cup for a toast (“djoo”! [cheers])
– Imitating the wail of a firetruck siren. This takes a few seconds of silent concentration first.
– Taking our hand to cross the street

And with the good comes the bad:

– We had his friend Lucy and parents over for dinner a couple of weeks ago. Sharing other people’s stuff = good. Sharing his own stuff = bad.
– We are learning that Maxon’s first response to being told “no” results in complete bodily collapse, forehead flush to the floor. It’s fine with me and Mike as it gives us time to compose ourselves lest he sees us laughing.

Getting Olivia's digits

Swinging with Tariq

The big news this week is that Maxon is graduating from the Infant room at school to the Toddler room! We suspect his list of not-cute things to grow now that he’s back in with those rabble-rousers.

Short little hike to the creek with his walking stick

4 thoughts on “Me, Two

  1. Zach will hand me my cell phone and say “I wan do wetters!” so I pick a contact that will not mind getting jumbled letters if zach actually manages to hit send and let him text to his hearts content. (also had them disable internet when we got a bill for his “usage”)

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