May Recap

My apologies for the long hiatus but May has kept us pretty busy. We traveled to Virginia at the beginning of the month for a long-overdue visit with my extended family. Instead of our usual whirlwind, helicopter-style visit, we took a long, leisurely week to cover all our bases. I even went into the office one of the days for the first time in 3 years to prove I was not just some disembodied voice. Maxon had a great time soaking in all of the extra love and attention and was in heaven with all the rice he got to eat with Lola’s cooking. In addition to kicking around the playgrounds around Lola’s house, we made a point to be tourists, checking out the “new” Air and Space museum in nearby Chantilly and officially going downtown on the National Mall and seeing the Natural History and American History museums.

Playing with Lola

Riding the National Mall Carousel

Back here in CO, it’s business as usual. We’re wrapping up our “semester” at the Little Gym (podium pictures pending) and then we’re taking the summer off from our structured activities in favor of, well, anything else! ‘Tis the season for traveling, hiking, pool splashing, and the farmer’s market so we should all get our fair share of fun stuff to do. We’ve also been working on getting a garden going the past few weekends and we’re finally seeing green things grow out of the ground.

On a Mother's Day hike

A more fun way to hike with Daddy!

And while we’re on the subject of growing, Maxon is not only growing out of his clothes (up, not out–must look into toddler belts) but also growing his vocabulary. Multiple words and multiple syllables are becoming the norm. When things have gone away or in the process of going away, it’s bye-bye this and bye-bye that. Even when they are well in the past, it is sometimes worth a mention. Yesterday, moments before heading up for a bath and bed, he recounted all the things he said bye-bye to, like his daycare teachers, some of his classmates, the water (the creek by our house), and the ducks swimming in it. If both Mike and I go into his room to get him up for the morning, he’ll look between the two of us and say “two Mommy two Daddy!” He is getting better at saying his name and he might be on the verge of actually knowing the answer to “what is your name”, to which Max comes out nicely, and “max-is” if he’s repeating Maxon. He is getting into all things automotive these days, but he has a particular fascination with buses (trying to teach the distinction between buses and trucks) and trains. One of his new toys is Thomas the Train engine, which he correctly calls a “choo choo” but if it’s part of a long line of train cars, then it’s most likely a “choo choo bus”. Some of our other favorite words right now are bicycle, animal, and cantaloupe (“lololalope”).

Another new toy we got him is his Little Tikes ride-in car. His teacher diplomatically told me that’s where he always is when they go outside and I am guessing that means he is first to get in and last to get out. Yup, apparently he is that kid that doesn’t like to share (sigh). Thinking that would be a fun thing to have in the yard, and hopefully tame his need to be in it all day everyday at school, we decided to get one too. Being territorial is not just reserved for school though. Even after Maxon had exited the vehicle, poor Dikembe got ran off when she attempted to sniff at the monstrosity in our living room. Geez, dude, it’s not like she took off in it. Teaching the concept of sharing should be fun. Maybe we’ll save that one for June.

3 thoughts on “May Recap

  1. sharing? Have you ever looked at the toy shelves in a daycare? There is a reason there are 6 of every toy! 🙂 good luck!

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