To Maxon: Why You’re Awesome

You know all of your classmates, teachers, friends, and friend’s parents by face and name.

You are not afraid to test out what your physical limits are… although Mommy or Daddy better be nearby to pick up the pieces!

You refuse most meats but happily accept bacon. Crispy or chewy.

You talk to yourself until the last possible second before you fall asleep and as soon as you wake up.

The way you pronounce butterfly, goggles, and cantaloupe are absolutely precious.

You enjoy sharing your food with your toys: George, Thomas the Train, and all of the lego animals.

You’ll dance to anything. Anything. Four-string quartet. Unwashed hippies with homemade instruments. Dude beating drumsticks on an overturned bucket. Bagpipes. Anything.

Nothing brings a bigger smile to your face than a crowd of people clapping.

Babies are cute but you think “big kids” are way cool.

You never walk anymore–always running!

Sharing stickers with Lola on Skype

I guess at least he's sitting?

Definitely not sitting

Popsicles with Lucy


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