As we travel down this road a second time, I can already tell that I will not be as diligent in reporting each and every nuance as I did the first time around. For starters, I have a lot less time and available brain cells working together to luxuriate in heady, multi-dimensional mini-theses. Not to say that I am not just as excited (see previous entry on POAS for 6 straight days) but more like the lack of first-time jitters translates to a more practical way of looking at things. I still don’t want to “reveal” to the general public until the customary end-of-the-first-trimester timeframe but I’m much more okay with waiting. It helps that Big Brother Maxon keeps us on our toes! He’s still wowing us with what he’s capable of saying or doing on a daily basis so until this baby can do party tricks, I’m content to let it cook quietly and on its own terms.

Of course, practicality sometimes disarms sentimentality. Our very first ultrasound picture has not been scanned for posterity and carefully placed into a envelope. It now lays about on the dining room table amongst a puzzle in progress, a souvenir from our recent family trip to Yellowstone National Park. How fitting it should be in the middle of our home, at the heart of family activity, yet vulnerable to being lost in the shuffle. Perhaps I should go find an appropriate envelope now.


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