Tickle and Swish

So last week I was hesitant to call it but this week I am sure: baby is getting big enough for Mommy to feel him or her! It’s not all the time yet but definitely getting more pronounced. I had forgotten how much I missed that feeling.

What I don’t miss is wondering what the heck to with my wardrobe. I’m not quite “here” with my regular clothes anymore and I’m not quite “there” yet with maternity clothes. Strike one: I can’t really get away with the rubber band around the top button of my pants as it is getting harder to even get the zipper out of its starting position. Not a good look for any condition. Strike two: the Bella Band is fantastic in theory and a disaster in practice. I must be between sizes as it’s not quite enough to stay in place and the eventual draft from either the front or the back really shouldn’t be ignored. Strike three: I’m not ready to completely throw in the towel and wear my yoga pants (can they be called that if I don’t actually do the yoga-ing?) as social wear. Yeah, I’m out.

And these vague references to baseball are in honor of the Greatest Game 162 of All Time on Wednesday. There you go, Mike–your own tickle and swish for your womb.

2 thoughts on “Tickle and Swish

  1. ha-ha! I am going backwards through them…there are some really cute maternity pants I wore with allison (my skinny pregnancy) that I am sizing DOWN into. Sucks, doesn’t it? The non-standardized wadrobe….

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