The Alien Within

Last night while reading before bed, I noticed a hardening in my lower belly in a very distinct spot. When I went to touch it, I could actually feel this small little knot, like the sharp point of my elbow. I have felt vague tightening and slow-rolls here and there in the past couple of weeks but this little protrusion was new! I grabbed Mike’s hand to see if he could feel it too but the little one had already moved on. It played hide-and-seek for a while but every few minutes it would come back to the same spot and the knot would reappear. Eventually Mike could feel the little knot and even a couple tiny kicks for good measure. Were we patting its butt? Smooshing its head? Giving its knee a rub-down? I have no idea! It took me a little longer to feel Maxon from the outside, especially something so distinct, so already this little one is blazing its own trail.

*Our next appointment is next Wednesday where we will hopefully be able to excuse the use of the word “it” in favor of a proper pronoun. Exciting!

2 thoughts on “The Alien Within

  1. Mel- that is so exciting that both you and Mike are able to feel the little one move, Enjoy the little “knot” while it is little! hehehe…

  2. We called allison “alien” for the longest time because of that…..awesome that the little one is so active and contributing to the fun!!

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