Little Brother

Sigh. Another tardy post. Where does the time go? We had our anatomy scan on October 12th and found out that Maxon will be a big brother to a little brother! The ultrasound machine certainly has improved in the last couple of years and I found myself a tad emotional seeing the little alien squirming around with such brightness and clarity. We confirmed he has all his body parts in all the places and in the right proportions, measured approximately 10 inches long, weighed about 11 ounces, and is an avid thumb-sucker. He is growing right on track and is quite active to boot. I think we have another mover-and-shaker on our hands!

Beautiful profile shot


Photos don't lie

I just love how real this looks

One thought on “Little Brother

  1. Wow. The resemblance to Maxon at that age is uncanny.

    Hello my new nephew! Can’t wait to meet you!!!!!! I can already tell you’re adorable.

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