A Reflection at 27 Weeks

Well, that title sounds much more contemplative than this will really be. A reflection, yes, but only because of all this time that I let pass behind me since the last post about our second pregnancy. It has been largely uneventful and can probably just recycle most of my experiences with Maxon but with less time for self-analysis and theses. The new spin, however, is how much less pep and motivation I have for this round. I’m getting better at letting the house go to shambles for a little longer. I count household chores and errands as exercise/personal time. I’ve gotten much more efficient at throwing meals together that require either just one pot or can be deconstructed for Maxon’s visual palate or has less than 3 ingredients. I’ve accepted leggings and stretch pants as the latest fashion trend and embrace the fact I can walk more than two steps without having to stop to hitch them back up where they belong. However, the things I have taken to the next level are signing up for monthly massages, going to weekly prenatal yoga and partaking of nightly desserts. A well-rounded sophomore pregnancy, if you ask me.

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