Only Maxon

We are at the height of the I-do-it phase. Maxon’s expressions are either “I do it myself” or “no-no-no [Mommy/Daddy]–only Maxon!” accompanied by hands flailing by his head. He still gets his pronouns mixed up and will often ask for Mommy or Daddy to “help you”.

He has incredible memory-recall these days. I’m guessing since two-year-olds are not prone to worry about bills, traffic rules, and politics, their amazing little minds have the ability to associate related things and remember them in their proper place. One week we brought a gift to Maya’s birthday party and the following week we were toting another gift for Charlotte’s birthday and he pointed and said “present for Maya”. He remembers who gave him what for his own birthday. He told me yesterday that would need to go back to the zoo to look for porcupines (still “cocopine”) as well as bears, camels, lions, elephants, and raccoons (um, okay). We haven’t been to the zoo in months.

And try as we might to engender a love for our brisk mountain climate, he is still hesitant about snow. He wants to look out at the snow from inside but when it’s time to venture outside, he tells us repeatedly at first that he “no like it snow.” Over and over. And over. Yet once he starts stomping around in it, it’s impossible to get him of it, numb, nearly-frostbitten fingers and all. The other day, he and Mike were walking out of Target and he all of a sudden darted behind Mike’s legs and proclaimed that he “no like it steam”. He was talking about the heat of his breath against the cold night air.

No like it....snow.

There have been some improvements to his singing willingness and ability. He sings songs from the Music Man, complete with the accompaniment of our Wii guitar. Or we’ll be sitting at dinner and all of a sudden, he’ll sing a song from top to bottom, whereas not too long ago, he’d only be able to fill in the last few words of a line. Beyond the ABC song, even. Last night he wowed us with his version of Baa Baa Black Sheep. Of course, some of the words and phrases are replaced with more familiar verbiage, so instead of asking if the sheep has any wool, he asks for “wood” and the line “one for my master, one for my dame” becomes “farmer master, farmer dame”. Close enough, my little musical genius.

His school is putting on a holiday party in two weeks where the Toddlers will be performing some of their favorite hits. Or, much more likely, they will be standing there stone-faced or crying out for their parents while their teachers sing by themselves. The 15-minute gap between their show time and the preschoolers’ show time translates as much. We’ll see what willingness he is able to muster then!

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