Thomas the Tank Engine

This is officially one of Maxon’s favorite things. Luckily, it’s not like EVERYTHING has to be Thomas this and Thomas that but he definitely enjoys what Thomas things he already has. And it’s not just Thomas but the whole gang on the fantasy island. I think he likes the trains because they are the perfect size for his little hands and he can experiment with how they magnetically stick and move together. I don’t mind indulging the interest since the cartoons are short and slow-moving, it’s a genre of books we can get into, and it gets us to do fun things like check out train museums. One of his favorite Thomas “books” is actually a catalog of Thomas toys and accessories we got with the purchase of some other train. (Side note to marketing peeps: Ease up. I just bought one of your darn products. Give me a couple days to digest before showing me what else I need to buy in order to create another Thomas tyrant in the world.) Since we like to read books (and apparently catalogs) over and over again, he’s learned the names of other trains. Lately, when he’s assembled all his other trains, he’s been asking where Gordon and Henry are and I have to remind him that we don’t have them and they are only in his books. He then surprised me with “I go buy Gordon? Henry?” So then I asked him, “do you have money?” to which he replied “no…”. Last night, when he asked where Gordon and Henry were and I went through my usual schtick, he came back with “I go buy Gordon. I buy Henry. I buy Money!”

Running alongside Thomas to catch a glimpse


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