At 32 Weeks

8 little weeks left before we become a family of four. Eight. Single digit countdown! If the contractors hold to their timeline, we should be done with this round of renovation in 4 weeks, giving me 4 WHOLE weeks to prepare for the new arrival. What am I going to do with that abundance of time? If you recall, the end date of our last renovation coincided with the day we brought Maxon home from the hospital, and truth be told, lingered another week or two after that to finish the exterior. That was a particular tough time for task-driven and organizational me, having to deal with moving back upstairs into the new space (but with no real furniture), setting up Maxon’s nursery, Christmas card-writing, decorating, and shopping. This time around, I’m truly excited watching everything come together, even though I am battling the screams of my inner clean-freak seeing the contents of the house covered in 100-year-old dust, holes in the ceiling and floor, and virtually no privacy in the house 6 out of 7 days of the week. This renovation is different from the last but I like to think that I’m different too and am comically thinking there is a chance that I will handle the newborn phase a lot better this time!

As far as the interior “construction” going on in my belly, I continue to be amazed that I haven’t literally exploded yet. This kid is constantly on the move. Two weeks ago at my last appt when my OB was trying to get a heartrate, his kicks practically returned some serious feedback on the Doppler. And if I’m partaking in the ice cream portion of my day, then he’s doing a little happy dance. And if he’s not practicing his kung-fu moves in my belly, then he probably has the hiccups. I find it ironic that the closer I give birth, my belly button, the last vestige of my being in my own mother’s womb, is quickly disappearing. I’m sure there is symbolism in that.

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