The Irreverence of Breastfeeding

Chalk this one up to being a veteran.

With Maxon, I had my requirements: Boppy in lap. Glass of water in front of me. Settled in for a 30-minute feeding. Strict feeding schedule of every 2.5 hours. Out of sight from all but immediate family at home. Felt adventurous if I fed Maxon at a trusted friend’s house.

With Cooper, things have turned out a little differently: Boppy used only as a prop after feeding–turns out any old pillow will do the job if you need the leverage. Or a knee. Don’t bother with setting up a full glass of water–Cooper doesn’t hang around that long. Feedings are on demand, although I can’t say this is an improvement on convenience but it has filled out his cheeks nicely. I have breastfed at the kitchen table, while bathing Maxon, at various parks in front of everyone and their dad (and granddad), answered the front door, and at a pizza joint during a March Madness game.

Cheeks at 4 weeks

And while we’re making lists, here is a list of food that has spilled on Cooper:
potato chips

I’m sure there are more but I’m tired of typing one-handed. TMI?

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