Cooper at Two Months

We went to the doctor today and Cooper did great! He was roused from a peaceful slumber in his car seat, stripped down to his diaper and cooed and smiled the whole time… until the shots came. And even then, his cries only lasted less than a minute, although he seemed stunned to find such injustices in the world. His stats:

Height: 23 inches
Weight: 11 pounds, 2 ounces
Sheer Awesomeness: Limitless


Yes, it has arrived. The dreaded “why” phase. Mike and I were just talking about how Maxon didn’t seem to understand just a few weeks ago what we were saying when we would ask why he did something and now he is throwing it back in our face. It’s the go-to response to any request or conversation starter we make. He’s not really interested in the answer either.

Us: “It’s time to wash your hands.”
Him: “Why?”
Us: “We’re going to have dinner soon.”
Him: “Why?”
Us: “Because it’s ready now.”
Him: “Why?”
Us: [Silence. Hard staring. Teeth gritting.]
Him: [Dutiful walk to bathroom sink.]

He also gives us a chance to “why” him out:

Him: “[Mommy/Daddy] ask ‘what are you doing, Maxon’.”
Us: “What are you doing, Maxon?”
Him: “I’m eating pasta.” (or some other accurate description of what he’s doing)
Us: “That’s right–you are eating pasta.”
Him: “[Mommy/Daddy] say ‘why’.”
Us: “Why?”
Him: “Because.”
The end.

It still feels unsatisfying.