Yes, it has arrived. The dreaded “why” phase. Mike and I were just talking about how Maxon didn’t seem to understand just a few weeks ago what we were saying when we would ask why he did something and now he is throwing it back in our face. It’s the go-to response to any request or conversation starter we make. He’s not really interested in the answer either.

Us: “It’s time to wash your hands.”
Him: “Why?”
Us: “We’re going to have dinner soon.”
Him: “Why?”
Us: “Because it’s ready now.”
Him: “Why?”
Us: [Silence. Hard staring. Teeth gritting.]
Him: [Dutiful walk to bathroom sink.]

He also gives us a chance to “why” him out:

Him: “[Mommy/Daddy] ask ‘what are you doing, Maxon’.”
Us: “What are you doing, Maxon?”
Him: “I’m eating pasta.” (or some other accurate description of what he’s doing)
Us: “That’s right–you are eating pasta.”
Him: “[Mommy/Daddy] say ‘why’.”
Us: “Why?”
Him: “Because.”
The end.

It still feels unsatisfying.

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