Busted Lip

The call from school was alarming. The anticipation on the way to pick him up was full of dread. Blood was minimal and recovery was quick but being checked out by an actual doctor proved to be the most traumatic part of Maxon’s day.

We got the call about an hour after dropping Maxon off at school. Apparently he fell off one of the truck toys and landed on his face, splitting his lip on the inside. They called us right away but he had already calmed down. By the time Mike got there, Maxon was quietly sitting with an frozen teething ring and was okay enough to eat some Cheerios on the way to the ER. He seemed fine but Mike wanted to be sure we weren’t overlooking a bigger problem. The doctor gave the option of stitching up the gash but since Maxon was writhing in hysterics, stitches would also involve putting him under. The doctor was also okay with just sending Maxon home and to watch out for any new developments, which Mike opted to do. Back at home, a dose of ibuprofen and a popsicle later, Maxon was good to go the rest of the day, if not with a slightly poutier lip.

On the way to the ER

Waiting for the doctor

And, just for fun, here’s a blast from the past from Maxon’s last ER visit from January 2011.

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