Palm Coast, Florida

We did it! We managed to get all four of us there and back again with all limbs and belongings intact! Babies behaved, extended family were reacquainted, and experiences abounded.

In typical Guzek style, the trip got off to a rocky start. A mere 10 minute delay in leaving the house as scheduled resulted in missing the bus to the airport, which Maxon was super excited about. That meant we had to hightail it to the airport and managed to unload all the baggage, park the car, and get everything checked in within a couple minutes of the baggage cut-off. We also could not get our seats together on either of our legs to Florida but luckily the kids were pretty cooperative and the drama ended there.

The beach wasn’t a huge hit with Maxon but we’ll give him credit for giving it a try. He was even willing to go shirtless AND shoeless! The kiddie pool was just all right but did he ever love the pool at the house. He played in there for hours! We may have just evened out his farmer’s tan to boot.

We also ventured outside of the beach and the pool. We did a day trip to St. Augustine, the oldest city in the US, and explored the Castillo de San Marcos and walked around the downtown in the search for some lunch. We also caught the ferry to nearby Fort Matanzas, which seemed so insignificant in comparison to the Castillo but you can’t turn down a free boat ride when you’re vacationing with a toddler.

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