Cooper the Super Trooper

Cooper turned four months last week and with it brought another well-baby visit to the doctor. Aside from some mild eczema and another round of vaccines, Cooper is doing great. It looks like we are growing another Guzek lollipop:

Head circumference: 17 inches (70th percentile)
Height: 25.5 inches (65th percentile)
Weight: 12 pounds, 13 ounces (10th percentile)

He doesn’t know what’s coming.

So one of his latest games is pulling Daddy’s hair followed by some serious shrieking and grunting. I’m not sure how it came about but poor Mike endures the torture just so we can hear his battle cries. Oddly enough, he doesn’t do that with me, probably because my hair is usually in a typical Mommy ponytail. No, his game with Mommy is to try to stick his fingers in my mouth. He thinks it’s totally hilarious. Okay, maybe I think it’s pretty cute too.

And even though he knows how, Cooper still isn’t all that into rolling over. He’s trying harder to roll from back to front but he doesn’t seem all that interested in going from his front to his back. He’s even trying to do it in his sleep, much to his dismay. And while we still swaddle him for naps and bedtime, we have come to a mutual understanding that it is merely how we begin the sleeping process and we often find him with his left arm outstretched shortly after leaving his room. We can’t blame the little guy for wanting to branch out at the ripe old age of four months.

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