Get ready for some potty talk. Please skip to paragraph two if this is way Too Much Information.

He did it! Maxon pooped on the potty! His teachers at daycare claimed he did it two days ago but I had my doubts (and jealousy). He’s been pretty good about peeing before and/or after his bath every night but we’ve never crossed the #2 threshold. He’s faked us out a couple times in the last few weeks saying he was willing to try to sit on the potty when he’s had to go, mostly encouraged by the moment of bribery of a new toy or M&Ms, but after a minute or two begged for a diaper. But last night, before his bath, I noticed his diaper was still dry and I asked if he wanted to sit on the potty first and he said “I’m gonna poop on the potty!” I still had my doubts that he’d really go, especially since he insisted on taking the time to remove his own diaper (that’s a lesson in patience right there) and wanted to sit on the real toilet, but up he went and then there he went. And then there was much rejoicing!

The poop-in-the-potty present, as promised.

In more reader-friendly news, we are capitalizing on the sponge that is a two-year-old’s brain. We were talking about (and sort of making fun of) parents that tout their children’s obvious superiority and brilliance in learning another language when really they are probably just memorizing things, much like when Maxon “reads” his books. But hey, why the heck not? Just from our dinnertime chats alone, Maxon now knows how to count to ten in Spanish. Of course, it’s totally rote and he probably could not identify the number “ocho” if he saw it but it’s a pretty fun party trick. I’m sure my mother will ask why I’m not teaching him Tagalog instead but I can count much higher than ten in Spanish!

We’re also working on the beginnings of phonics, like asking what letter certain words start with, and he does pretty well with it already. We don’t always use the same words so we don’t fall into the trap of memorization. We also watch the cartoon SuperWhy, which focuses on writing and reading letters while modernizing annoying fairy tales in a cute way, and he’s starting to play along with some success. It’s still very hit or miss but it’s more hit than miss, and some of his misses are pretty excusable, like C’s versus K’s. If ever one would question the randomness of the English language, it would be during the phonics training of a child.

This is such a fun age!


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