Updated TMI

So here we are more than 2 weeks later, and I’m happy to report we have not had to change a toddler poopie diaper since that wonderful day. Unfortunately, we have had to shell out way more M&Ms as rewards but the trade-off is totally worth it. But in more recent and exciting news, Maxon has had dry daytime diapers since this past Sunday! It’s like a switch was turned on in his beautiful little head. We’ve been asking him several times a day for weeks if he wanted to use the potty and, with the exception of right before his bath, the answer was always “no” followed by a furrowed brow and defiant setting of his mouth. On Sunday, we were out at the Museum of Nature and Science all day and out of nowhere, he asked to go to the bathroom. We whisked him away to the closest bathroom and found a still-dry diaper and a very productive time on the toilet! He even tried out the urinal with Daddy later in the day (note to self: will have to work on distance peeing next). I wasn’t expecting too much on Monday at school, but he continued to ask to go to the bathroom whenever he needed to go and he’s been dry ever since, even after naptime. He isn’t too keen on wearing underwear yet despite my asking every morning, but we weren’t pushy with the potty training either and he seems to be figuring that out on his own time too. Big boy steps.

Of course, the irony of this whole process is that I started reading “Stress-Free Potty Training” about 3 weeks ago and have just a few pages left. I can’t wait to see how it ends (insert eyeroll here).

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