5 Month Skills

Five months of cuteness

Cooper turned 5 months last week so we decided to work on some new skills now that he is less of a bobblehead doll. First, we booted Maxon out of the booster at the dinner table in what was the last stage of his 3-in-1 Summer Infant seat and let Cooper give it a try. He did great! So strange to see him sitting like a big kid and so happy about it. We might just fill in that bald spot on the back of his head just yet!

Enjoying the world from an upright position

And moving right along in the upright world, we dusted off the jumperoo and gave it a go. His feet technically do not touch the ground, but as the loving parents we are, we raised the ground to meet him.

I swear he likes it in there


Two weeks ago, we also let him try his first solid food, the bland and mushy wonder that is rice cereal. Since bottle-feeding has been such a failure and my freezer stash of expressed milk wasted, I decided to mix it with formula since we’ll have to go down that road anyways. To our horror (and guilt), Cooper left the dinner table with a red rash around his mouth where the cereal dribbled down his chin. There was even a little dot of a rash where a spot of cereal ended up on his nose. I guess we’ll be putting off that switch to formula for a little while longer!

Mommy and Daddy are about to learn a lesson in allergies.

Getting better with the cereal but the feet are still pretty tasty too

And since Cooper’s sleeping habits are still pretty atrocious, I figured this was a good time to transition out of the swaddle. He had been breaking out of it more and more lately and getting less agitated with his arms out so it seemed he was ready for a change. He is still waking up several times a night but it’s no worse than before. And, as it turns out, he is a side sleeper!

Getting back into the fetal position

We finally got wise to the fact that Cooper just has super sensitive skin. We’re using unscented laundry detergent for his clothes, an eczema-friendly cleanser for the bath, and a spendy moisturizer for his beautiful skin. Now that he has stopped attacking his head with this scratching hands, we’re seeing more hair growing and filling in the baldness on the top of his head. He has a long way to go before his first haircut though!

Still the favorite place to nap


3 thoughts on “5 Month Skills

  1. Cooper, you are making me plan to visit you earlier than I intend to. I want to see that great smile in person. Can’t wait!!.

  2. ask your pharmacist for vanicream – no prescription, but sold behind the counter. Zach and i use it. They have lotion, cream, sunscreen

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