Catching Up

So I’ve been keeping notes on what I wanted to post here on Cooper’s behalf tentatively titled “Approaching 6 Months” so yes, I’m running a bit behind. It has been a pretty exciting month and it’s been so fun watching Cooper develop new little tricks each day. We’ve been working on sitting up and we’re now at the point that I feel comfortable leaving Cooper by himself for a minute, albeit surrounded by cushions. He’s even dabbling in doing a deliberate slow roll down from a sitting position to lying down, but usually it happens because he’s reaching for a toy just out of reach and he flops down on the pillows and just keeps rolling until he gets said toy. We are now full-blown “helicoptering” on his belly and he’s even pushing way up on his arms and managing to slide backwards. I’ve tried getting him on his knees too but he’s not quite there yet. Not that I am ready for him to be completely mobile just yet!

Such good posture!

And you’d think with all this movement and physical development that he’d just be utterly exhausted at the end of the day and sleep all night, but no. Big fat no. Just when I think it’s as bad as its going to get, it gets a little worse. He’s even taken to staying up for a couple of hours in the middle of the night, ready to hang out and play. On those nights, I just give up on rocking him to sleep and just let him roll around the crib while I go back to bed and wait for him to get more tired. I’ve heard babies have a hard time staying asleep when they are working on new skills and new teeth. That’s probably just wishful thinking but what else do I have to go on when I’m up every couple of hours every night? Although, just last week we noticed the first little slit on his bottom gums and a second one this morning so teeth are finally imminent. So maybe when those pop out he’ll sleep better? See how wishful thinking works?

Staying up late seemed like a good idea

Cooper has also started on the solid food journey. We tried avocado a few weeks ago but he wasn’t quite ready for the texture so after sloshing it around in his mouth, he just ended up drooling it out. We had great success with sweet potatoes and carrots last week and managed to get it all down but apparently that was gumming up the digestive works so I’ve moved on to pears and prunes. Lots of prunes. Poor guy.

Trying out the big boy high chair

Drooling avocado

Bottles are still a battle. I bought a different kind of formula that hasn’t given him a skin rash yet, but that could be because he hasn’t actually ingested all that much of it. It will seem like we’re making progress and he has actually consumed something from the bottle, but then I check how much is left and it’s pretty much where we started. I even got a starter sippy cup and while he thought it was quite cute, it was still a bit too much for him to handle. Back to the drawing board.

Don’t look at me. I’m just a baby.

Our next journey begins tomorrow when Cooper starts daycare. We’ve never left him anywhere before so I’m just dreading that feeling of not knowing how he is doing at all times. It’s a bit easier this time around since we know the whole process does work and babies adapt just fine. Plus, we have our little Agent Maxon there to check in on him and make sure the teachers do right by him. It will be strange to have a quiet house tomorrow and I’m sure I will be totally guilt-ridden, but it will be nice to have my brain back and able to focus on only thing at a time, even if only for a few hours.

At the park with Mommy

A Daddy-Cooper moment

4 thoughts on “Catching Up

  1. Love this blog! BTW, Cooper is turning 7 months this month, actually he will turn 7months old in 22 days!!! He’s getting cuter and cuter everyday!

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