I Love My Brother

These kids are pretty cute with each other. If I am getting Maxon up in the morning after wakeup, he immediately asks where Cooper is. If I tell him Cooper is sleeping, he asks me every 5 minutes if he is awake yet. Once he is awake, Maxon insists on coming with me to get Cooper. He’s even taken it upon himself to fetch a toy if Cooper starts to fuss.

The love flows the other way too. If I happen to have Cooper with me when getting Maxon in the morning, Cooper’s whole face lights up and he starts giggling as soon as we get in his bedroom. If Maxon’s hair is within reach, Cooper will give a loud squawk and grab a fistful. He is laser-focused on Maxon whenever he is putting on some kind of show or playing with a toy.

I’ll be enjoying this lovefest until I hear “he made me do it.”

Two little monkeys jumping on the bed

Maxon really does like holding Cooper

Taking a break at the playground

He did it.


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