Just A Little Bit

We are learning about the whole truth, the partial truth, and not at all the truth, so help us God. The struggle of dealing with one’s conscience or facing the consequences is upon us. Of course Maxon is a very good kid but sometimes he is just curious or likes to test the boundaries. Or, you know, be an almost 3-year-old. Sometimes after we’ve said our goodnights, he’s still revved from the day and not ready to welcome sleep. To entertain himself, he’ll talk to himself, roll around his bed, or kick his feet on the headboard. Since our lovely old house doesn’t absorb sound or shocks very well, his kicking feet sometimes feels like the whole house is shaking. On many occasions, Mike has had to check in with Maxon and get him settled back down to go to sleep. A sample exchange:

Mike: “Were you kicking the headboard?”
Maxon: (Pause) “…No.”
Mike: “Were you?”
Maxon: (small voice) “I kicked the headboard a little bit.”

He also sometimes yells “a little bit” at Mommy, cries “a little bit” in the bath when I am washing his hair (worst thing in the world, apparently), and doesn’t always listen “a little bit.” Let’s just say a little goes a long way in this house.

A “little bit” of ice cream.

Waiting for the cyclists to finish at the Boulder stage of the USA Pro Cycle Challenge

This stick (“this is a whale”) entertained Maxon long after the race was over. The professional cyclists as well as all the spectators cleared out before we could convince him to leave.

Proud of the pumpkin we grew in our own backyard


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