We Have No Bananas Today

Twice we let Cooper nibble on bananas.  And twice his stomach violently rejected it.  It was hard to resist letting him have a bite since he looked so longingly at it and moved his jaws up and down.   Not immediately, of course, but much later after Cooper got his fill and we felt confident he did not get an allergic reaction.  The first time was a couple of months ago and Mike let him gum on his banana and we weren’t even sure he got anything but up came the contents of the morning nursing session.  Yesterday I decided to try it again, this time mashing it up with a little water to soften it up.  All went seemingly well, played for a little bit after, and then went down for a nap.  After waking up and nursing only a few minutes, he sat up all of a sudden and spit up all over himself.  As I was getting up to get a towel, he unleashed more digestive fury… all over his bedroom rug.  The following diaper was also fairly interesting.  I’m not sure exactly what the problem is since he doesn’t have a problem with jarred bananas!

Eyes bigger than his stomach

On that note, I have also let him gnaw on several corn cobs, but with all the good stuff already bitten off.  Now I can’t eat corn without him moving his jaw and aggressively reaching for it.  Again, I didn’t think he was really getting anything but these babies can be wily creatures.  The diapers never lie.

2 thoughts on “We Have No Bananas Today

  1. Poor baby! He really seems ready to eat almost anything but his stomach is rejecting them. It will come and will happen, I guess it’s a waiting game.

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