A Tooth To Grind

We were introduced to a new sound last night:  the sound of Cooper grinding his bottom teeth against the nubs of his top teeth.  His top teeth are taking their sweet time coming out, which is a relief for the nursing mother but torture for the babe they belong to.  I guess I should think it’s cute that he’s discovered the new stuff he’s grown but the sound is repulsive at any age.

In better sounds, Cooper is finally flexing his power of language.  “Mama” and “dada” are not in the picture yet but “ba-ba-ba-ba-(etc)” and “fa-fa-fa” are current favorites, practiced with different pitches and volume.  He also does this intense wheezy, sucking in of his breath to show his happiness and excitement.  And his laughter is precious.

Since we’re talking about growing teeth and vocabulary, we shouldn’t leave out his hair.  His hair has been an interesting saga.  Born with a decent amount of hair, he completely lost the hair only on the top of his head within a month.  The rest of it stayed and flourished, save the typical 20-hours-a-day-on-my-back baby bald patch on the back of his head.  Slowly the hair on top started to fill in like peach fuzz and soon after the bald patch as well as he spent more time in the day sitting and playing.  The hair on the back and sides of his head just kept growing.  Soon we realized he was starting to resemble Larry from the Three Stooges, especially if he had just woken up from sleeping on his side.  Since we were inspired from Maxon’s recent haircut, I decided to try my hand at trimming up the sides over Cooper’s ears.  Fret not, Gentle Reader. It actually came out pretty well.  And it only took two days of repeatedly swiping at Cooper’s head with sharp scissors. Okay, that’s an exaggeration.  The scissors weren’t sharp.

When you are growing Awesome, you have to rest when you can

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