Cooper See, Cooper Do

Always with the camera, Mom!

First and foremost, we have forward movement, folks! The official crawl date was Friday, October 26th. Cooper was grooving by backward scooting for the last couple of weeks and covering some serious distance (even navigating from Maxon’s room, around the doorway, and down the hall) and then eventually worked himself into a sitting position. I know that sounds like progress but it actually became a source of major annoyance because he could not figure out how to get back down until almost a week later. Gradually, the hard face-first flop on the floor because a more fluid, deliberate movement where he gracefully landed back on hands-and-knees and finally a few awkward and tentative lunges forward. He’s not going very far yet but it’s a little more each day!

What is it with Guzek kids and ending up wedged under the couch?

He’s made some leaps In the fine motor skill department as well. He’s had the hand-waving thing down for a while now but he’ll also shake his head “no” if he see anyone doing so. We’re trying to get him to nod “yes” and he does try but it results in his entire body shaking too. If he’s chewing on a toy (or any other non-toy object he’s managed to get his hands on), he’ll try to bring the toy to your mouth too. He also will lean in for a kiss. Of course it resembles a velociraptor going in for the kill but it’s still pretty cute. And very, very slobbery.

My favorite is peekaboo. At first I thought it was a fluke but he’ll do this over and over again. Apologies for the video quality!

On the verbal front, it’s still mostly grunts and coos and few repetitive sounds but the one development is he now says something like “mamamamama”. Of course, he only says this when he’s crying or upset. I’m not sure what that really means.

I’m a genius.

3 thoughts on “Cooper See, Cooper Do

  1. I am seeing 4 teeth on his lower gum, Am I right? It’s no stopping, he’s growing fast! And, showing a lot of new activities for him yet to master. Yay !!! Good job mother and son! Cooper… you’re just the cutest!

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