At the Doctor’s

Both Maxon and Cooper had their well-child checkup this past Monday. They both held up fairly well, despite having to get their flu shots. It was a crowded room with both Mommy and Daddy and both kids in there but I think it actually made them more comfortable.

Cooper’s appointment went as usual. The doctor checked his ears, and while they still have fluid in them, they are not infected. Right this minute, anyways. His stats are not as big as how he seems to us, but the doctor had no worries.

Height: 27 inches (He didn’t get any taller from his last appointment. Mommy’s genes must be reining in Daddy’s genes)
Weight: 15 lbs, 10 oz.
Head circumference: 18 inches. (Why do our babies’ heads grow faster than the rest of them?)

Maxon’s appointment was a little bit different. He got to get on the big-person scale AND get his height checked at the same time. Instead of measuring his head, they hooked him up to the blood pressure machine. He started getting a little worked up at this point, but the nurse told him it was just going to give his arm a hug. I guess that sounds cuter than “blood pressure machine.”

Height: 37.75 inches
Weight: 29 lbs

Giving the Finger and Taking a Knee

He means business

Cooper has discovered the power of the pointer finger and it is always at the ready. It spins the dials on his activity stand. It draws a veggie puff closer to him in the highchair. It attempts to find residence in your mouth. It acts as a hook as he is carried from room to room to grab some small swallowable item that would otherwise be out of reach. Sometimes it just hangs out in midair, waiting for the next cool thing to happen by.

I’ll take that!

If it’s near my mouth, I will eat it.


Getting the point

Another funny thing to watch is Cooper crawling across the floor. Not only has he mastered “heartbreak hill” (the slippery threshold that rises between the kitchen and the dining room that has bewildered beginner crawlers since we’ve owned the house), but he uses different crawling techniques depending on the terrain. On the soft carpet, traditional hands-and-knees crawling. The second he reaches the hardwood, one leg straightens out to the side where he side-steps on that side and continues on one knee on the other leg. Again, the moment he is back on soft ground, both knees go down. He again employs the one-legged side-step when going over the threshold between the living room and dining room, stopping to sit as soon as he crosses over to look back at the uneven ground he just covered.

I have a love of crawling. And stripes.

Happy 3rd Birthday, Maxon!

Little big man got to celebrate not just once, but TWICE! Just this past Sunday, we got together with friends and neighbors on a sunny unseasonably warm day and got a taste of what a real kids’ party is like. The playroom was ransacked, the couch has some new chocolate stains, and we are still finding crumbs on the floor. It was a blast!

Today was a little bit more casual. We sent Maxon to preschool bearing iced brownie bites to share with his class but we picked him up a little earlier than usual to take advantage of the mild afternoon weather at a new playground. He got to open yet more presents, this time from Mommy and Daddy, and the grandparents even got in on the fun to sang “Happy Birthday” to Maxon via Skype. Ironically, he actually refused his birthday cake tonight. I guess you can have too much of a good thing!

This Is An Elk

The first time we realized Maxon was reenacting “circle time” from school was when were in Steamboat one weekend in August and the condo had a set of flashcards with animals on it. He picked one up, perched himself on the fireplace hearth, told his friend Lucy to sit “criss-cross applesauce” and proceeded to tell us all about the moose on the flash card. Since then, he would surprise us with an impromptu lesson on various animals from time to time, especially if a visual aid was handy.

A couple of nights ago, Maxon found a postcard with an elk on it and engaged Mike in a teaching moment.

Maxon: “OK, everybody sit down. Sit right there. OK, I am the teacher.” [Climbs onto a stool, holds postcard out to Mike, sitting on the floor.] “OK. This is an elk. The elk is talking.” [Looks at card for a minute] “There are a lot of elk and um… and… and… this elk is big. This is an elk.”

Mike: [Raising hand] “Does the elk have antlers?”

Maxon: [Turns postcard towards himself and looks at it for a minute with furrowed brow] “It might be a moose.”

Here is yesterday morning’s lesson with the whole family. We still have our Halloween decorations up so you might notice our friendly skeleton hanging out on the porch from the window. Maxon noticed for sure.