This Is An Elk

The first time we realized Maxon was reenacting “circle time” from school was when were in Steamboat one weekend in August and the condo had a set of flashcards with animals on it. He picked one up, perched himself on the fireplace hearth, told his friend Lucy to sit “criss-cross applesauce” and proceeded to tell us all about the moose on the flash card. Since then, he would surprise us with an impromptu lesson on various animals from time to time, especially if a visual aid was handy.

A couple of nights ago, Maxon found a postcard with an elk on it and engaged Mike in a teaching moment.

Maxon: “OK, everybody sit down. Sit right there. OK, I am the teacher.” [Climbs onto a stool, holds postcard out to Mike, sitting on the floor.] “OK. This is an elk. The elk is talking.” [Looks at card for a minute] “There are a lot of elk and um… and… and… this elk is big. This is an elk.”

Mike: [Raising hand] “Does the elk have antlers?”

Maxon: [Turns postcard towards himself and looks at it for a minute with furrowed brow] “It might be a moose.”

Here is yesterday morning’s lesson with the whole family. We still have our Halloween decorations up so you might notice our friendly skeleton hanging out on the porch from the window. Maxon noticed for sure.

2 thoughts on “This Is An Elk

  1. Very smart Maxon!!! Cracked me up when Maxon was trying to call Cooper’s attention but he just keep on chewing on his toy…. so funny!

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