At the Doctor’s

Both Maxon and Cooper had their well-child checkup this past Monday. They both held up fairly well, despite having to get their flu shots. It was a crowded room with both Mommy and Daddy and both kids in there but I think it actually made them more comfortable.

Cooper’s appointment went as usual. The doctor checked his ears, and while they still have fluid in them, they are not infected. Right this minute, anyways. His stats are not as big as how he seems to us, but the doctor had no worries.

Height: 27 inches (He didn’t get any taller from his last appointment. Mommy’s genes must be reining in Daddy’s genes)
Weight: 15 lbs, 10 oz.
Head circumference: 18 inches. (Why do our babies’ heads grow faster than the rest of them?)

Maxon’s appointment was a little bit different. He got to get on the big-person scale AND get his height checked at the same time. Instead of measuring his head, they hooked him up to the blood pressure machine. He started getting a little worked up at this point, but the nurse told him it was just going to give his arm a hug. I guess that sounds cuter than “blood pressure machine.”

Height: 37.75 inches
Weight: 29 lbs

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