Allergy Testing

It’s nice to know that I’m not paranoid. After months of speculating and dealing with on-again, off-again hives and eczema flare-ups, we decided to go to an allergy specialist and find out for sure what Cooper is allergic to and to what extent. The skin prick test came back with allergies to milk, eggs, shellfish, and almonds as major no-nos. The surprises were soy and wheat but the reactions were low enough that the allergist recommended keeping them in the diet for now but watch for further reactions. We could have tested for other stuff too but we were limited to the space on Cooper’s scrawny back.

Don't worry--the green dots are from a dry erase marker!

Don’t worry–the green dots are from a dry erase marker!

While I’m not shocked by the list of no-nos, the prescription to keep epi-pens with us at all times and to keep at school took me aback. I have no problems keeping those kinds of foods out of his diet and it’s pretty easy around here to find alternatives and substitutes. But the thought that he could actually have an anaphylactic reaction in which I would have to jam a needle into his leg to save his life is sobering. I was all matter-of-fact after the appointment and diligently checking our pantry items for things we can’t use anymore but it wasn’t until I read the little pamphlet that came with the epi-pens did I get a little emotional. Avoiding allergic food? Yes, it will be a little extra work but could also be fun to get creative with substitutes. Administering emergency life-saving procedures? Whew, that’s a reality check I wasn’t expecting.


8 thoughts on “Allergy Testing

  1. Is this something he can/will outgrow? I hope so. And his back does not look scrawny! I hope all this makes him feel better! I hope you’ll be fine too. xo

  2. Yeah, I want to know as well if this something he can outgrow. Poor baby Cooper… you’re a trouper I am sure between you and your mommy it will be all under control. Love to all. Miss you guys!

  3. Z-man tested for peanuts. We were lucky enough that we just avoided with him, and the rest of us ate peanut butter balls to our hearts content, and he was fine. We are lucky in that we think he grew out of it (someone unknowingly fed him peanut m&m’s and he was fine). That initial epipen conversation is a bit freaky, but ya’ll will be fine….good luck with it!

  4. Pretty good chance he’ll outgrow most if not all of these. I think testing again in a year or so will say more about that possibility. The good thing is that if we keep things out of his diet, he’s good to go. As in, we can eat all of those things and still keep them in the house as long as he doesn’t get to them!

  5. Talk to Elaine!!!. She’s a great resource on this. And there’s a chance he’ll outgrow some of the allergies, but not all of them. And start prepping Maxon too for calls to the principal office where the nurse tells him that Cooper is on his way to the hospital in an ambulance because Cooper’s friend gave him a brownie with almonds in it, which the friend thought that there wasn’t. It’s all scary and this is definitely a family effort…but look! Elaine is still alive…

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