The B Word

And the winner of Cooper’s First Word is… BALL! Any size, any color–it’s on. It’s carried in his arms, thrown backwards over his head, or kicked forward with his feet. The second place word is bubbles (“BUH-boo”), although it took us a few tries to figure out that’s what he meant. Balloon is a personal favorite of mine since he makes it a 5-syllable word (“ba-ba-ba-BA-oooon”). The newest arrival is beep-beep (“bop-bop”), although that one has pretty limited usefulness.

He’ll repeat “up” and I think he’s trying to say “night-night” sometimes. The cutest one is when he sees one of our cats, does his makeshift sign of rubbing his fingers together (copying how I usually get a cat to come over), then says meow (“myeah-myeah”). Of course, the sad part is that I thought he was finally saying “mama” but, yeah, no.

And as of almost two weeks ago, we have an official walker! He had been taking a step or two here and there in February and Mike and I were convinced he’d be walking full time by his birthday but he never went much further than that. Eventually he got up to 5 or 6 steps and then halfway across a room, always from one point of safety to another (table to wall, etc). Then he came home from school one day and just decided that walking was way more interesting and never looked back. Walking around outside is still iffy, especially when the ground is uneven, but he gets better every day. Time to find some real shoes!



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