Potty Training Number Two


We thought we had it nailed right away. There had been sporadic interest well before Christmas in using the small potty but actual productivity was few and far between. Cooper would try so damn hard to get anything out that he would get out of breath. He just didn’t seem to know how to just “let it go”. His teacher claimed he went at school but I was hesitant to believe it based on what I saw at home. Finally sometime in December he seemed to understand how to let it all go without passing out from exertion and with large stretches at home coming up for the holidays, I thought that was my chance to start training in earnest.

I decided to start off hard-core right away one Saturday morning. Cotton underwear. No pull-ups. Plenty of back-up clothes on hand. Potty boot camp, baby. He actually did very well in holding it in… until he didn’t. It only took a few incidents of getting completely soaked until he was finally alerting me of his need to go. And go, go, go he went! Until it came to the serious stuff. The Number Two.

By the end of that first weekend he was reliably going to the bathroom as needed for a Number One but he held in his Number Two for days. Days. This is a kid that can fill a diaper several times a day. He ended up finally letting that one go too so we thought we were all set. Brush off the hands, done.

Until he went to school. Since it was still holiday time, school was in a bit of limbo with only a fraction of the kids showing up so Cooper’s little two-year-old class was combined with Maxon’s three- to six-year-old class and without his regular teacher. That must have been a little intimidating. He ended up soiling his clothes every day at school, multiple times a day, that New Year’s week. Then he continued soiling them while at home. Not much, but almost every potty check-in. I got so frustrated at one point, I just threw his pair of underwear straight to the trash.

This is where we stand today. I have conceded back to pull-ups until he can figure out how to handle Number Twos. Nobody needs this much pressure and frustration on either side of the underwear. He stays dry all day, usually dry even after a nap, and sometimes still dry when he wakes up in the morning. I have been beckoned frantically over the baby monitor when he awakens saying he needs me (“Mom-MEE! Mommmmmmm! MOM-MEE!”) and off he goes to the potty. But as of now, we are on constant sniff alert because one of us is still not talking about it.

One thought on “Potty Training Number Two

  1. Again, poor mommy. All these will come to an end one day. I love your endurance to all these child rearing part of your life. Miss you all!

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