When Your Dad is a Tarheel

…he will build you a Dean Dome. Finally, a game that doesn’t come with a billion pieces to lose or step on!

Preparing for free throws have gotten elaborate.

Practicing some defensive moves.

And when a little monkey brother sees and he also wants to do, you try to give him his own space.

Maxon assigning hoops

Maxon assigning hoops

Maxon has also come up with some snazzy names for the people on his basketball team. He’s even named those that are on the opposing team and some have specific positions. Generally, these are one-and-done players but some have had some significant time on the court. Here is the list as of today (spelled phonetically; Maxon didn’t specify spelling):

Delicate Shawner
Minijae Edgar
Harold Mirage (plays for Louisville)
Fist Bonner
Alex Neader
Mark Forner
White Brown (plays for Georgia Tech. Usually assigned to Daddy)
Sallin Michael (call him “Sal”)
Crist Bonner (plays for Louisville. No relation to Fist, curiously)
Michael Graver
Oscar Grover
Kyle Blake (plays for NC State)
Cobb Cabber (plays for Georgia Tech)
Miles Calisto (on the bench)
Scott Stillman (plays for New York)
Earthorn Marson (plays for Lousiville)
Clam Slibber
Junior Cactus (plays for Michigan State)
Rattle Justin (plays for Stanford)

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