Cooper on Skis

When Daddy took Maxon up to the mountains last week for another ski lesson, I thought that Cooper should get in on the fun too. There is a local gym called Shredders where they teach kids the fundamentals of skiing but in an indoor setting. They start taking kids at Cooper’s age (and younger) and put real ski boots and skis on them and have them work on moving around independently. Unfortunately, for us, our progress ended before they could get Cooper in ski boots. They had taken him to the back room to fit him for equipment and shortly after, I could hear his wails and hacking coughs from across the building. Since they had said they preferred the parents to stay in the front, I anxiously stood in the parent area waiting to be beckoned. There was no beckon. However, there was a certain little long-lashed boy that had apparently broken free from the back room and sped across the instruction floor directly into my arms. Yes, that was fun while it lasted.

Determined to get a little more out of the experience, and also to not let the instructors off the hook so quickly, I calmed Cooper down and asked if he would just like to watch the other kids ski and he agreed. I sat in that mysterious back room with Cooper and one other little boy that we actually knew from daycare a while back that also did not seem to be so sure of today’s experience. The other kids had their boots and skis on and were practicing waddling around and playing with playground balls. After a few minutes, I asked Cooper if we could just put on the ski boots but still just sit at our seats. He acquiesced. The other little boy already had his ski boots on but that’s where his progressed stopped. A few more minutes passed. I asked if we could get his skis on boots but still just sit at our seats. Again, he acquiesced, but even better, cracked a smile when he realized his skis made his feet slippery like ice skates. The other little boy was also convinced to try his skis. Success! As the other kids filed out of the back room into the main instruction area, Cooper finally found his confidence and started walking around the room to chase after the playground balls.

A few minutes later, as Cooper was trying to tell me he was all done now, I convinced him to at least walk out to the main area so we could sit there to watch the other kids. The other kids were working on side-stepping up a mini-hill and slowly sliding down the other side. That piqued Cooper’s interest and off he went to stand in line to wait his turn. As he got to the top and managed his way down with a huge grin, I could tell that we now have another skier in the family. Welcome to the club, Coops!

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