Cooper Turns Three

Ah, yes. The curse of a winter birthday runs through this whole family. We’ve had some luck planning outdoor-oriented parties with decent weather but we were not so fortunate this year. After a very warm start to the month, the week preceding Cooper’s birthday party was filled with snow and bone-chilling temperatures that ensured that the snow wouldn’t go anywhere. Luckily, we decided to deviate from our usual party script of letting the kids run rampant in the backyard to hiring the music teacher from their school to entertain the kids (and the adults!). Despite the fresh 15 inches of powder that dropped over the weekend, we had a great turnout, thanks to our wonderful and hardy Boulder friends.

As for the birthday boy himself, he is definitely not one to let weather or inconvenience get in his way either. While slight in build, he is big in everything else. The smiles are from ear to ear and ready to unleash on anyone. He can be on the brink of laughter at any moment, yet the tantrums can come on quick and loud and the disappears quickly with the slightest distraction. The dinner plate is refilled and emptied. He wants to do everything himself and is determined to do anything that Maxon does. His imaginary world is big, too. Although Halloween is long past, he insists on wearing his puppy costume often, although he experiments with being other animals that require petting. His Matchbox cars and Sodor’s finest tank engines have running commentary. One of his favorite games is to build houses and stations for his animals and trucks.

To our dismay, potty training came to a crashing halt and then a severe rewind since our breakthrough in January. We all but gave up for a good month but he’s started to show some interest and confidence again since he’s figured out how to pee standing up so hopefully we can hop right back on that potty train. It’s not a question of “does he know how?”, but more “does he feel like it?”

The coolest development I’ve seen in recent weeks is his writing skill. And please know I am referring to a toddler’s version of “writing.” He has more of a vision of what he wants to create and is able to put it to paper, even if it’s not quite in the right order. Here are some of my favorite creations:

I know we have a big year ahead of us with this cool little dude. I can’t wait to see what comes next!

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